Mizzou named best journalism school in the country

Mizzou has topped another list of the best j-schools in the country, this one by College Magazine.

Why’s Mizzou number one? CM explains:

Missouri’s excellence runs far deeper than its awards, which include first place in broadcast news and second place overall in the 2014 Hearst Awards. The journalism program features 30 subdivisions and cool foci like Convergence Journalism, which interweaves multiple journalism disciplines into one specialization. One of the school’s major initiatives, the “Missouri method,” gives students hands-on experience in professional media. In fact, students’ first core course takes place in one of the on-campus newsrooms. Another attraction is the “Missouri mafia,” the school’s extensive alumni network. Many job opportunities target only Missouri graduates, and the school’s alums network creatively. “When grads leave Mizzou, they tend to post on Facebook or email when they have job opportunities,” junior convergence journalism major Sarah Darby said. It never hurts to have the mafia on your side.

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