True KC blog tells Kansas City’s story through its people

When Ryan Sellers pulls up next to someone on his bike and asks to take a photo, he’s not sure what kind of reaction he’ll get.

“Nobody’s expecting a guy to come up with a camera. I never know where a conversation is going to lead,” said Sellers, 27, a Midtown resident.

In February, Sellers started a photo blog called True KC, offering snippets of insight into the lives of Kansas City residents he encounters on bike rides and walks through the Plaza, Midtown, the Crossroads, East Side and more. Continue reading

Chicago Tribune reporter who grew up in Overland Park reflects on JCC shooting

Mitch Smith, a Chicago Tribune reporter who graduated from Blue Valley High School, wrote a story this week reflecting on Sunday’s fatal triple shooting in Overland Park.

“On Facebook and Twitter, my friends and former teachers mourned the loss of life, told stories about Reat and repeated variations on the line you always hear when an act of hate interrupts the most normal of days in the most normal of places: “I never thought it could happen here,” wrote Smith, a 2009 graduate of Blue Valley High. Continue reading

Jeff City woman apologizes for stealing money meant for newspaper in the ’60s

Here’s a fun tale from the Milwaukee area: a woman who grew up in Waukesha, Wis., and now lives in Jefferson City, sent the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel a check for $5.

Her reason?

When she was a child, she took a pile of quarters from a pile of Sunday papers outside a convenience store. She thought they were there for the taking. Years later, the innocent theft ate at her conscience. To make amends, she sent the J-S a check.

Read the story here.

Family of KCTV reporter whose mother was killed in car chase hires lawyer to investigate death

The family of Graciela Olivas, who was killed as KCK cops pursued a suspect, has hired a law firm to investigate her death, and the role of the police department and General Motors may have had in it. Olivas was the mother of KCTV reporter Sandra Olivas.

Christopher Stewart was charged with murder after his car allegedly struck Graciela Olivas’ car in February.

The family hired the firm after another car chase involving KCK ended in an 8-year-old girl’s death. The family also alleges the airbags in Olivas’ car, which is part of a GM recall, did not deploy.