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Star columnist: Paper knew Michael Sam was gay

Former Missouri football star Michael Sam announced Sunday he was gay, a landmark step for a potential NFL draft pick, who could be the league’s first openly gay player.

Sam’s teammates knew he was gay, as did Mizzou administrators. And so did The Kansas City Star, according to columnist Vahe Gregorian. Continue reading

KC Star moves to Facebook for comments

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The world of online comments is a dustbin of the occasional insightful observation peppered among some of the most vile, hateful, bottom-of-the-barrel droppings of the English language, topped with snark. At least that’s been my experience.

The Star has experienced that, too, and it’s moving its commenting platform from Disqus to Facebook next week.

Explains editor Mike Fannin:

Fewer hateful and unnecessary comments (equal) a more civil conversation. We wouldn’t allow these comments in our print editions, and we have the same standards for our digital products.

Next week, The Star will take another big step forward. Beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 17, readers who want to comment on KansasCity.com will be required to log in using a Facebook account.

For the record, we appreciate and encourage commenting on our stories. We want a thorough discourse on important issues and topics across the board. We find interesting context and useful tips in the comments sections. Most of our users behave thoughtfully.

But a few nameless, faceless readers are poisoning the well for everyone. That’s where Facebook comes in. Facebook users generally go by their real names, and many of our readers are on Facebook already. The discussion often improves when people are using their own names.

Comings and goings

  • Steve Vockradt left the Kansas City Business Journal to join the Pitch.
  • Lindsey Slater Diepenbrock was named news director at 6News Lawrence.
  • Katie Bean left the Lawrence Journal-World to join the Business Journal as its special sections editor.
  • Shawnee Dispatch editor Rob Roberts has left to join the Kansas City Business Journal, covering real estate.
  • Lawrence Journal-World managing editor Caroline Trowbridge has left the paper after 30 years with the World Company
  • KSHB assistant news director Brett Akagi left the station.
  • Kansas City Star columnist and editorial board member E. Thomas McClanahan retired.

KC Star sees circulation boost

After seeing a giant drop in circulation in the last September’s Alliance for Audited Media report (formerly Audit Bureau of Circulation), the Kansas City Star saw some small gains in the report issued Monday.

Sunday circulation is up 2 percent from 275,784 to 280,790, a jump of 5,006 from a report issued last September. Continue reading