How Shawnee Mission East’s student paper covered Emma Sullivan, Sam Brownback and the tweet heard around the world

We’ve all heard about the tweet. And we know that Gov. Brownback apologized for his staff’s overreaction to SME student Emma Sullivan’s use of social media. And we’ve seen the coverage all over the local airwaves, in the Star, which broke the story, on Gawker, on CNN, so on and so forth.

But you wouldn’t expect a paper to ignore such a big story in its own backyard, would you? No, the young Lancers at the Harbinger, SME’s student paper are on the story.

In the story we learn:

  • Emma’s sister Olivia was the one who called The Star with the story;
  • Emma wishes she’d worded the tweet differently: “The way I worded it was towards my audience.”
  • She feels bad for her principal, who was thrust into the maelstrom

“I feel bad in a way because I didn’t mean to put Dr. K in the middle of the situation. I am trying to steer it away from him as much as possible.” Emma said. “People keep saying radical things about him getting fired but that is too extreme. What would you do if you were principal of a school and the governor of your state emailed you pointing out what one of your students said?”

I learned a few things myself.

The Harbinger has a very impressive site (wow!), and published a multimedia presentation showing students standing up for their school in the wake of the media’s glare.


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