Star debuts 913, its Johnson County magazine

Johnson County residents can look forward to more news from their neck of the woods, as the Star introduced 913, a new magazine centering on the suburban area.

JoCo’s been without a newspaper since the Johnson County Sun folded earlier this year. The Star has cut is suburban coverage and staff in recent years, but began publishing more JoCo news in 2010 in recent years with a dedicated portal. Presumably 913 is a recommitment to the area.

Stories it the debut issue include how JoCo has dealt with the housing crisis, a story on how residents are concerned about the expansion of Overland Park Regional Medical Center, and how Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is leading a charge against illegal immigration. There are also sections on schools, town-specific news, events, photo galleries and more.

UPDATE: As BottomLine Communications notes, the magazine is an insert in the Star. I looked for it in my paper today, but it looks like we won’t get in out in Douglas County.


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