Royals broadcaster Ryan Lefebvre recalls depression, relates to Don Harman

In the wake of FOX4 weatherman Don Harman’s suicide, it became widely known that Harman suffered from depression. His co-workers knew, and say they sought to help the popular 41-year-old meteorologist. Sadly, they couldn’t.

The Star’s Diane Stafford writes about depression in the workplace in today’s paper, leading with an anecdote from Ryan Lefebvre, the longtime Royals broadcaster, who said his former partner Fred White reached out to him.

The way Ryan Lefebvre remembers it, fellow baseball broadcaster Fred White looked at him and asked, “Are you OK? No, really, are you OK?”

And the dam broke.

That serious, caring question by a co-worker was what it took for Lefebvre to let his depression spill out.

But that kind of question — and an honest response — isn’t easy to ask or answer in the workplace.

Lefebvre opened up about his depression and struggles with alcohol to The Star’s Jeff Passan years ago (PDF), and even penned a book about his troubles.
Depression is a serious thing, and it’s often not taken as seriously as it should. And the holidays can be tough for those suffering from depression – about 15 million Americans.
Help is out, and The Star printed several resources:

Resources for employers or individuals to learn about and deal with depression in the Kansas City area include:

• Mid-America Coalition on Health Care,, 816-753-0654

• Comprehensive Mental Health Services Inc.,, 816-254-3652

• Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund,, 816-842-7055

• Wyandot Center,, 913-233-3300

• Johnson County Mental Health Center,, 913-831-2550

• Tri-County Mental Health Services Inc.,, 816-468-0400

And nationally:

• Mental Health First Aid,

• National Institute of Mental Health,

• Partnership for Workplace Mental Health,


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