Hundreds celebrate life of FOX4’s Don Harman at Union Station

(I was on vacation and neglected to blog about this important story)

After Mayor Sly James declared Dec. 17 Don Harman Day in Kansas City, hundreds of people filed into Union Station to pay their respects to the weatherman, who committed suicide late last month.

As the Star’s Lee Hill Kavanaugh writes,

“His death feels like a family member died, and yet I’ve never met him in person,” said Joseph Hostetler, 53, of Kansas City, Kan., who was the first mourner to enter Union Station. “I had to come.”
“It’s kind of hard to deal with,” said his son, Adam Hostetler, 29. “We all cried when we heard. … We’re still crying.”
FOX4 has a recap of the ceremony here, and a series of public tribute videos here.
I never watched Harman, who went to my alma mater Miami University, and I’ve found it difficult to understand how people felt so connected to a weatherman. I think that’s because I have never watched much local news. But, then I realized I do understand. I cried when Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray died. I was shocked when Peter Jennings died. I was sad when Ron Santo, the former Cubs star and broadcaster, died. I watched and listened to these men my entire life.
I suppose if you see someone every morning – or every evening or for every ballgame – you get to know them and they bring you some joy, they become part of your life.

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