Weekly Parkville Luminary ceases publication, will remain online

Another KC-area newspaper is stopping the presses as The Parkville Luminary, a weekly paper resurrected eight years ago, has called it quits. It will remain active online in a limited capacity.

Publisher Mark Vasto wrote that the decision to end the print edition was made in September, and the paper’s financial situation was a major consideration (major fail on my part. Apologies.). He writes that he wanted to shut the paper down three years ago. The website has been updated sporadically since September.

Our reporting made a difference and it was fun to see the changing of the guard finally start to happen downtown. The new EDC is a great entity and, providing the right person wins in the next election, Parkville will continue to move in a positive direction.
The Luminary was based on a business plan I created at the turn of the century, when technology was starting to change in ways that made The Luminary possible. Digital photography, layout software, .pdfs that could be e-mailed to your printer. Then came smartphones, wireless access and even more powerful laptops.

In 2004, Parkville did not have a newspaper — in fact there were only three news racks in the entire town. We met that need in August. (ed. note: I’m seeking to clarify this)

The newspaper was first published in 1853 as the Industrial Luminary, and was founded by Col. George S. Park, Parkville’s namesake, as BottomLine Communications wrote. The Platte County Landmark and the Platte County Citizen also cover the area.

The Luminary joins the ranks of the Johnson County Sun, the Star Herald in Belton, the Blue Springs Journal and the online KC Free Press as news organizations that have 30’d in the last year or so. The Star Herald and the Journal both closed in May.


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