Blogger: Keep Mellinger at the Star for the long term

Mimicking Star sports columnist Sam Mellinger’s piece on how the Royals need to sign star outfielder Alex Gordon to a long-term deal, blogger A.J. Gabriel, aka Diamond Dope proposed the Star do the same to its cornerstone of the sports page.

The Sacramento-based Royals fan writes that losing Mellinger – should that ever happen – after big shots Joe Posnanski and Jason Whitlock bid KC adieu would cause a steep decline in the influence of the paper.

For the Star, the vision all along has focused on Mellinger and Bob Dutton first, then building around them. They have that opportunity now, and it’s one that doesn’t come around often.

Signing Mellinger for four years means keeping a talented core of writers together long enough to see what they can do with Rustin Dodd—by far the most talented of the bunch—in his prime.

The Star has seen immense talent leave its ranks. But it seems they are trying to hold on to what they have now.

So if the Star can’t sign Mellinger, there’s no reason to take them seriously with the others. That matters as much now as ever before with what the Star is doing and still hopes to do.


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