The Star’s Kent Babb tears into local media for cowering in wake of Chiefs bombshell

In the latest edition of the Royalman Report podcast the dudes over at Kings of Kauffman talked to Chiefs beat writer Kent Babb, who ripped local media for bowing to the Chiefs and virtually ignoring his look inside an organization described by many as paranoid.

Greg Hall has a great recap of Babb’s take on the local sports media scene, which he laid out in the one hour, 19 minute interview. Check out Hall’s blog for more – and some good analysis by Hall, who covered the Chiefs for the Star – but here are a few gems:

  • “The media in this town is very corrupt. That’s the sports media I should say.”
  • “A lot of us in the media have to decide which master to serve because there are many temptations in this business. You can either serve your readers, listeners, viewers or you can serve the very teams that you are supposed to hold accountable. A lot of the
    media in this town are more interested in serving the master they should be holding accountable. To me that’s shameful. That’s not the type of journalism I respect.”
  • “I’ve had a good working relationship with the Chiefs for four years now and I’d like to think that will continue. I don’t know what their reaction will be because I haven’t heard from them. … I can’t write stories and The Star can’t write stories just because somebody’s going to like them. That’s what our job is. We feel we need to write truth and sometimes truth is painful.”

See the full interview below:


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