Freshman Facebook flap mortifies Mizzou Mafia

The University of Missouri’s j-school doesn’t maintain its own Facebook page. That responsibility falls to a freshman. The horror!

Well, it’s a big deal in Columbia, and parts of the Internet.

“This news was unsettling to us in the fact that, as one of the nation’s top journalism schools, it is not utilizing a great tool in recruiting students to come to Mizzou,” wrote Ali Cowell, editor-in-chief of J-School Buzz, a blog about the MU j-school. (She’s a freshman, too!)

Well, the more interesting thing is that the Facebooking frosh had created the page on her own, and unsuccessfully offered it to Mizzou.

I saw your article about the Social Media issues the J-School has, mentioning the FB page, and I guess now would be a good time to inform you that the J-School doesn’t own that page… I do.

I offered to give it to them, and they said they were focusing on their Twitter and new website, so they didn’t want more to deal with.

Suzette Heiman, the j-school’s communications director, responded that the school is focusing on Twitter.


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