Kansas City’s “right of center” paper, The Monitor, folds

It was supposed to be one man’s answer to the rulers of Kansas City’s liberal – not my words – media establishment. But the Kansas City Monitor, nee the Citizen, has become another victim of an economy that views newspapers as a thing of the past. It appears to have stopped publishing in September. I reached out to the folks behind the Monitor via Twitter, but never heard back. It appears that publisher Greg Brooks is now the PR director of the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix.

The Citizen/Monitor had plenty of ads – I recall lots of ads for gold and guns – but it wasn’t meant to be. I feel for the publishers, having worked at a pair of publications that began with the grandest intentions, only to be run roughshod by the economy. The Monitor, which changed its name from the Citizen after running into copyright issues, is unfortunately not the latest outlet in the area to cease publication. September saw the closure of the venerable Johnson County Sun, and the KCFreePress, an online venture meant to challenge the Star – especially when it came to business listings and public affairs – closed in 2010 after money problems led to a staff exodus. Its editor, Jay Senter, now runs PVPost.com, covering Prairie Village.

The Monitor had a circulation of about 15,000


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