A new paper for Platte County: The Independent Platte

As the Parkville Luminary ceased publishing, a new paper has popped up in Platte County. The Independent Platte began publishing just after the new year.

Publisher Rachel Atwood writes:

The goal of this monthly publication is to inform readers of what Platte County has to offer – from our plentiful line-up of home-grown musicians, the best places to enjoy Happy Hour, to what is happening around town. Our community has grown exponentially over the past two decades and the changes have brought a diverse array of cuisine, talent, businesses, in addition to perpetually controversial news.

The staff includes longtime Pitch reporter Nadia Pflaum.

So far, the website (I haven’t seen the print edition) includes obligatory community stories on sports, slice of life columns and local music. But it also includes a quick hit about a controversy over the Park Hill superintendent’s job and an interview conducted by Pflaum with local politco Jeff Roe.

It also has this sweet graphic for a flag:



  1. Rachel Atwood

    Thanks for the mention! The sweet logo was designed by associate publisher, Rian Babcock, who also is the talent behind our entire 20-page layout. Couldn’t have a publication without her.

    -Rachel Atwood

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