Royals announce changes in broadcast team

We know Frank White’s out, and there are some more changes in the Royals broadcast teams.

MLB veteran Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc, who worked together calling games of the California Anaheim Angels of Orange County America Earth, will take over in the TV booth, which means reduced duties for Ryan Lefebvre. Lefebvre will call more radio games with Denny Mathews, who returns for his 44th year.

Plans now call for Lefebvre to handle play-by-play for 90 of the 140 televised games; Physioc will call the remaining 50 games. Hudler will serve as analyst on 120 games, while Jeff Montgomery will fill that role for 20 games.

Lefebvre and Physioc will also call games on the radio.

I don’t know anything about Physioc, but one Angels blogger called him the worst announcer in baseball. That blogger has clearly never watched a Chicago White Sox game.

Also in the radio mix are Bob Davis and Steve Stewart.



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