Pitch: Whitlock’s Jeremy Lin tweet was no surprise

Following Jason Whitlock’s apology after sending out an offensive tweet aimed at New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin, the Pitch’s Jonathan Bender writes the former Star columnist lacks good judgment. And when compared to former colleagues like Joe Posnanski, he relies less on analysis and more on gut reaction, which gets him into trouble.

Whitlock was never a columnist who chased down stories or even sought to break news. He was part of a generation of sports columnists that managed to blend fandom and critical thinking. Boston had Bill Simmons. Kansas City had Whitlock. And for a time, we were the better for it…

Perhaps a younger, less embittered version of the sports columnist would have thrived in this media climate with immediate access to fans and the chance to cleverly trade barbs with athletes and owners. Instead, his decisions just continue to call into question exactly what it was that I liked about him. When he was on, Jason Whitlock never had to manufacture controversy. It came calling of its own accord. And perhaps that is what is most pathetic about the weekend storm that followed his tweet. It means his heart is no longer in it or, even worse, that we never really knew what was in his heart.


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