Russ Ptacek says goodbye to Kansas City

The Pitch sat down with former NBC Action News investigative reporter Russ Ptacek, now reporting for WUSA in Washington.

We learn that he’s a cheapskate when it comes to suits, how he leaves feel empty about one story and how gay reporters in KC keep themselves closeted.

As for why he’s leaving, you can’t argue with this:

This kind of job is what I dreamed about 25 years ago, when I got into the business. And this is a station that doesn’t have an investigative unit, so I’m going to get to help create this investigative unit and help in the hiring decisions in creating a team. I see it as my golden opportunity to make my journalistic dreams come true. And I have the resources to do it for the first time in my life. Everywhere that I’ve ever been, I’ve had to work within a very tight budget. And WUSA is opening up the purse and investing a lot of money into a really incredible investigative unit.


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