Introducing #kcmuckreads

Playing off ProPublica‘s #muckreads Twitter hashtag, which features the best investigative reporting on the Web, I’m pleased in introduce #kcmuckreads, a regular feature that will highlight the best in-depth work in Kansas City.

First up, a tip of the hat to my colleagues Shaun Hittle and Nick Krug, who spent some time in southeast Kansas investigating the meth problem that is prevalent down there. The Journal-World had a two-part series, with a long video feature, graphs and more, illustrating the growing meth problem in Kansas.

“’Everything you need you can buy at Walmart,’” said Scott Gofourth, deputy police chief of the Parsons Police Department,” writes Hittle.

“‘This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re going to see,’ Williams said. ‘If the people of Douglas County don’t think that this is coming, they’re wrong.’

Losing the meth war

Meth takes heavy toll on users

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