Star’s presses to print Topeka Capital-Journal; 34 jobs lost

The Topeka Capital-Journal will outsource its printing to the Kansas City Star, the Star reported today. The Star will begin printing the C-J May 14. Thirty-four C-J employees have been offered severance packages.

“There will be notable improvement in the quality of the printed product and the Capital-Journal will be able to offer more options to its advertisers and subscribers,” said Randy Waters, The Star’s vice president of production.

C-J publisher Gregg Ireland said the move underscores the newspaper’s place in “the information business.”

“Our industry is changing rapidly,” Ireland said. “This move is historic and, in some ways, very difficult. This move is in no way a move away from the printed product, which remains a large and extremely important part of what we do. But it is a move away from printing. We’re not in the printing business; we’re in the information business.”

The C-J story notes the paper is currently printed on a 20-year-old press that requires constant maintenance. Last month someone stole $1,000 of aluminum plates from the C-J’s press.
The Star also prints the Wall Street Journal, the Riverfront Times of St. Louis, the Pitch and 40 other publications.

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