Laurie Mansfield named features editor at the Star

Laurie Mansfield, who sat atop the masthead of Ink magazine since its inception in 2008, has been named the Star’s new features editor. She replaces Mary Lee Nolan, who retired last month.

A veteran of the Des Moines Register, Mansfield, 36, came to Kansas City in 2007 to work on the features section, and later moved over to lead the staff at Ink. Assistant features editor Jocelyn Jacobson will take the reins of Ink.

Mansfield said she wants the features sections to continue to be the voice and source of lifestyle and entertainment news in Kansas City, not only covering trends but presenting strong profiles and other stories. Her goal is for the sections to be “energetic, positive, surprising and fun,” she said, “and I’m interested in narrative journalism, in good storytelling and in newsy features.”


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