Pruitt will be first non-journalist to lead AP

A Romenesko tipster pointed out that incoming AP president and current CEO of McClatchy, Gary Pruitt, will be the first non-journalist to lead the AP since its inception more than a century ago.


*1900-1921 — Melville Elijah Stone; reporter and founder, Chicago Daily News.

*1921-1925 — Frederick Roy Martin; editor, Providence Journal.

*1925-1948 — Kent Cooper; A.P. reporter.

*1948-1962 — Frank Starzel; Iowa newspaper reporter; A.P. reporter.

*1962-1976 — Wes Gallagher; Louisiana newspaper reporter; A.P. reporter.

*1976-1984 — Keith Fuller; Texas newspaper reporter; A.P. bureau chief.

*1984-2003 — Louis D. Boccardi; New York newspaper reporter; A.P. exec. editor.

*2003-2012 — Thomas Curley; Pennsylvania newspaper reporter; Gannett editor.

*2012-? — Gary Pruitt; California lawyer, longtime executive with McClatchy.


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