Brownback’s Facebook page attacked by pro-choice Facebookers

Social media has not been kind to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback lately. First, there was the fallout surrounding his communications director’s targeting of a Kansas teen who slammed the governor on Twitter.

Now, well for the last two weeks, really, folks who oppose Brownback’s stance on abortion have been flooding his Facebook page, with snarky comments asking for his medical advice. Even after the Brownback social media team went to the new Timeline format, which mitigated the way people see his wall, people have continued to comment on posts, including the naming of his transportation director, with snippets like this:

My uterus feels like going on a tour of the safest states. Kansas, Texas, Virginia, Arizona, and Wisconsin are at the top of my list. Just wondering if my uterus will be able to get a full inspection by Governor Brownback. I want to ensure it deserves to be in Kansas and if it indeed is an ideal place to raise a fetus. So Senator Brownback, the world wants to know, will you be doing my exam gloved or ungloved?

The governor’s office has not commented on the Facebook bombs, but appears to be deleting some of the comments periodically. But with more than 1,000 comments in the first 24 hours of this impromptu campaign, the folks there are probably hard-pressed to keep up.


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