Silvey says ending tax breaks for Mo. newspapers not retaliation

Rep. Ryan Silvey, R-Kansas City, says his plan for ending tax breaks newspapers enjoy when purchasing supplies is not retaliation for critical coverage, but a reaction to editorials calling for the end of corporate welfare.

He told KMOX:

“I would say retaliation is probably a bit strong, but in reaction to is probably accurate.”

Silvey says that since papers have been calling for ending corporate welfare, it should start with them, “I’m not saying that we’re taking a stab against the media for a stand they took, we’re simply following their advice.”

He says this is not a case of government trying to bully the press, “One medium has a tax exemption to the exclusion of all others, and if we remove that it’s somehow an attack on freedom of the press? That’s just ridiculous.

He says other media – radio and TV – have not been targeted, despite their critical coverage of issues.”It’s not like we’re trying to impose a new tax on the media.”


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