TV NewsCheck profiles Larry Moore’s passion for KC and news

Online industry publication TV NewsCheck sat down with KMBC anchor Larry Moore, who talked about how the 1951 floods sowed his passion for news, how the business has changed, and his worries for the future of local news.

“When I came to work here, a news story had to occur before 3 o’clock in the afternoon for it to appear with color film, on the 10 o’clock news,” he says. “Well, today, we can go to live video with a moment’s notice. That’s a pretty remarkable change. When you think it took that many hours to process the film, edit the film, glue it together and then get it on the air.”

He remembers that when the station sent him overseas for special stories, “a minute [of satellite time] cost like $10,000. Now it’s almost free, for all practical purposes.”


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