Star to chronicle homicides in Kansas City with new multimedia project

So far in 2012, 38 people in the Kansas City area have been murdered. People like Wayne Steward, Charles Bates and Gwendolyn Pahmeyer.

And according to Homicide KC, a new multimedia feature from The Star:

38 people have died in 34 Kansas City-area homicide cases in 2012.

We’re averaging 0.4 homicides per day and 2.8 per week.

At this rate, there will be 146 homicides in the Kansas City area this year.

The project will follow murders in KC, including the victims, the suspects, a map, and calendar of all homicides.
The Los Angeles Times has a similar project, which has been going on for a few years. An earlier incantation of the LA murder map gave stories on each victim, who they were and why they died. It was a nice way to memorialize the victims, since, good or bad, they were someone’s child or parent. And, as this blog  notes, every victim has a story.

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