Rex Hudler debuts to lukewarm reviews from Royals fans

The Royals’ 2012 campaign got off to a rocky start as the team imploded in the 8th inning against the Angels. Albert Pujols made his debut for the Angels, and TV color man Rex Hudler made his for the Royals’ broadcast team.

By the 8th inning, #p90rex was a trending Twitter topic in Kansas City, but not because people were impressed by the former Major Leaguer’s insight. Rather, they complained about what they thought were obvious observations, unending chatter, cliche-a-minute fumbles and all-around bizarre metaphors (“Hitters are anxious. They want that fastball. They want the… the… full cheeseburger. Give it everything.” And, “It’s a good thing this didn’t catch his knuckle or he’d be in big trouble. Knuckle sandwich or a jam sandwich.”)

And by the game’s midway point, Hudler had already spawned a Twitter parody, @shithudlersays says (tagline: “This is not Rex Hudler. This is shit that Rex Hudler actually says on air.”)

I took to Storify to chronicle fans’ reactions to the man who replaced Frank White in the booth. It’s not easy task to replace a legend, and adding color to a baseball broadcast is not as easy as it seems. But, hey, it’s Twitter, so let’s see what people have to say.

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  2. Only top 4 and Rex Hudler has used every cliche in his announcer’s manual. #ImissFrank
    Fri, Apr 06 2012 23:00:43
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    Watching Rex Hudler brings me to my next point: Don’t smoke crack. #Royals
    Fri, Apr 06 2012 21:32:13
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    Rex Hudler facts: he has never called someone to give them the silent treatment
    Fri, Apr 06 2012 23:26:08
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    Rex Hudler doing #Royals game recap <<<>>> Ed Hochuli explaining #NFL rules
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:38:53
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    Someone please buy Rex Hudler a pause. #royals @ChadMo1
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:17:14
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    Rex Hudler doing play-by-play as if the entire audience is unable to see their screens
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:15:39
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    Have had the #Royals game audio on for less than a minute and Rex Hudler has already annoyed me
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:16:19
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    Rex Hudler talks SOOOOO much
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:17:41
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    Is it possible to mute only Rex Hudler on the Royals broadcast? #stoptalkingsomuch
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:17:58
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    “Everything is contagious in baseball.” -Rex Hudler
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:20:06
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    What’s worse than watching the #Royals meltdown? Listening to Rex Hudler talk about it #RexProbs…
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:25:45
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    Rex Hudler needs to stay on the video game circuit #brutal
    Fri, Apr 06 2012 23:57:35
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    I know it is too early to judge…but not really liking Rex Hudler as color commentator for the R’s. I wish Split was still around.
    Fri, Apr 06 2012 23:57:07
  15. This fan^^ remembers the late great Paul Splitorff.
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    @greghall24 @wags98 And the Royals bullpen decides to challenge Rex Hudler for “worst thing about the 2012 Royals” status. Here we go again.
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:22:30
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    The Royals better win more games than they lose because I can’t take a whole season of listening to Rex Hudler otherwise.
    Fri, Apr 06 2012 22:10:21
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    I wonder if Ryan Lefebvre feels like he is the color guy tonight instead of the play by play guy…Rex Hudler FAIL!!!!
    Fri, Apr 06 2012 22:57:13
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    Is anyone else on here already tired of Rex Hudler 1 game into the season?!?
    Fri, Apr 06 2012 23:27:03
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    This Rex Hudler guy is brutal to listen to. #hesstupid
    Fri, Apr 06 2012 23:58:10
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    Fox Sports KC Exec 1 this offfseason: “What we need in our broadcasts is a lot more inane blather. Someone who uses bad cliches, offers no insight whatsoever at any time — a real master of the obvious. And as a bonus, they need to be kind of dude, with a pseudo ‘extreme’ edge about them.”
    FSKC Exec 2: “Rex Hudler it is, then.”
    Fri, Apr 06 2012 23:52:28
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    The #royals will have amazing attendance at Kauffman this year just because fans don’t want to listen to Rex Hudler. @thecarm
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:02:28
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    As annoying as Rex hudler’s shtick is now its going to be insufferable during the middle of 6 game losing streak
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:09:40
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    If Rex Hudler adds anything to #Royals telecasts, it could be unintentional comedic relief.
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:09:42
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    @SSJ_WHB @shaunrabe I’m guessing rex hudler has exceeded expectations #still miss Frank
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:12:56
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    1st game and Rex Hudler is already on my nerves. Bring back Frank.
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:14:59
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    I don’t like rex hudler #bringfrankback
    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:22:57
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    Rex Hudler is still better than Joe Buck
    Fri, Apr 06 2012 23:39:04
  29. Both Hudler and new play-by-play guy Steve Physioc had at least one fan on the Internet.
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    Not everyone likes Rex Hudler as a color commentator, nor Steve Physioc as a play-by-play man, but I do. It’s nice to hear them call a game again together as they did for the Angels when I lived in SoCal. More people ought to come to Kansas to have a new lease on life! 🙂
    Fri, Mar 30 2012 21:39:35


  1. Shelley

    Give him time. I know many miss him in Anaheim. He will grow on you. He cares about baseball, he is a good family man, and he is never boring.

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