Rex Hudler’s jam sandwich: Winning over fans

It didn’t take long for Royals fans to turn on new TV color analyst Rex Hudler.

But Hudler, who replaces Royals legend Frank White, wants Royals fans to know he hears you loud and clear. He told the Star’s Sam Mellinger that he’s aware of criticism, and hopes people will just give him a chance.

“I’m human. I understand. I’m very sensitive to them. I’m very sensitive to the fans. The last thing I want is for the fans to not be happy,” he said.

While Mellinger says Hudler’s tenure (three games) has been a “disaster,” that may be a bit of an overstatement. Royals fans aren’t used to Hudler (Mellinger points out previous color announcers haven’t had the enthusiasm Hudler does); it’s hard to listen to a new announcer when you’re used to a specific person being piped into your living room. As Mellinger points out, Ryan Lefevbre wasn’t beloved at first.

And so Hudler is making some changes, at the request of the Royals. Writes Mellinger, “When you’re a guest at someone’s house, you follow their rules. When you travel to a foreign country, you do your best to speak the language. You have spoken, and Hudler has listened. If you heard his broadcast on Sunday, you know this to be true.”


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