Net News Check profiles LJWorld’s digital work

Full disclosure up front: The following is a blog post about an article about my newspaper, featuring me as the main source. So there.

Net News Check, which compiles and reports news about the digital side of news publishing, featured the Lawrence Journal-World in a piece today that looked at the paper’s long history of online innovation. It notes the Journal-World averages more than 477,000 unique visitors a month, with a circulation of just 16,000.

Online bells and whistles aside, it comes back to a simple concept, as I told reporter Michael Depp:

Underneath the technology, however, is a more simple calculus, Parker said. “We think Lawrence is a really unique town, and the people here deserve news that is tailored to this town and not just a load of AP coverage or a dump of news you can find elsewhere,” he said.

To that purpose, LJWorld focuses on probing stories rich in local detail and narrative pathos, such as a piece on a local man wrongly convicted for rape and the turbulent path his life has taken since his release. The story’s video component, which like all of the site’s video was produced in house by staff photographers and reporters, also took top awards with the state’s press club.



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