Former LJWorld, C-J web guy Rob Curley leaves Las Vegas Sun

Rob Curley, the web impresario who led online innovations in Topeka and Lawrence before heading off to the Palm Beach Post and the Washington Post, is leaving his current position at the Las Vegas Sun.

Sun publisher Brian Greenspun announced the move in a memo today.

It’s unclear what Curley will be doing next – he hasn’t said anything on Facebook or Twitter – but Greenspun’s memo indicates Curley may be coming back to the Midwest.

When Rob Curley came here nearly four years ago, he explained to me that his goal eventually was to return to the Midwest. Essentially we had him on loan until the call of the plains became too great.

Well, we’ve had him longer than we expected, but now the day has arrived when the Midwest beckons. Rob has decided he has done what he can here and it is time for him to move on. He’s focusing his efforts on getting back home or, at least, closer to home.

Curley made a name for himself leading a team of developer-journalists in Lawrence, including Adrian Holovaty. They developed Django, a well-regarded developer code that smarter people than I can explain. Curley led the Washington Post’s hyperlocal site in Loudon County before moving to Las Vegas (which recently poached John Taylor, who led the World Company’s weekly papers).


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