Who hacked WIBW’s Facebook page?

Over the weekend, WIBW-TV’s Facebook page included comments critical of Topeka’s downtown tax plans. Was the station taking an editorial stance?


Nope. Turns out, TVSpy tells us,  WIBW general manager Jim Ogle was mistakenly updating WIBW’s Facebook page thinking he was using his own.

It turns out that Ogle, who was traveling to Manhattan for a party to celebrate additions to the city’s zoo, had mistakenly posted on the WIBW Facebook page when he thought that he was posting on his personal account.

“We got to the bottom if it!” (reporter Suzie) Gilbert wrote in a follow-up post.  “The posts were from our GM Jim Ogle.  They were intended to be viewed privately.  The posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of WIBW-TV staff.  Sorry for the confusion!”

WIBW has since deleted Ogle’s posts but it appears that they are still up on his personal Facebook page.

Embarrassing, but there have been worse social media fails.


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