Playing around with MediaKC’s design

It’s been six months since this blog’s been around. More than 5,000 hits later, I’m having a good time.

But I still haven’t found a layout I love. My first layout, a theme called Chunk, worked well enough. But it was kind of boring, and I thought it resembled Jim Romenesko’s site too much.

Recently, I’ve gone back and forth between a theme called Blaskan, which has a neat minimalist, Bloombergian feel, and one called Esquire, which has a lot of color. Both have their pros and cons. I like the color on Esquire, but it doesn’t show the About page. I like the straightforwardness of Blaskan, but wish it had more color.

So I’m going to keep playing with it. I’m also posting some screenshots below. Please let me know in the comments if anything strikes you.


Twenty Eleven (with stock  header image)The Morning After


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