News site in India cites C.W. Gusewelle column as proof US media is waging an anti-Pakistan campaign

Does this look like a man engaged in a vast, orchestrated campaign to smear Pakistan?

That’s venerable Kansas City Star columnist C.W. Gusewelle, whose recent work includes columns about the virtues of public television, the spreading “craze” of world leaders wearing blue jeans and eating squirrels.

He’s also the author of a Saturday column that called out Pakistan for its duplicitous and less-than-helpful role in dispatching Osama bin Laden and imprisoning a doctor who risked his life in the mission to find bin Laden. It’s also the homeland of a local doctor who offended Gusewelle by launching into an anti-American tirade at dinner one night.

So News Track India, a site that is based in New Dehli, as far as I can tell, has cited Gusewelle’s column as evidence of a growing movement in the American media to discredit Pakistan. Actually it cited The Nation citing The Star.

The fact that the American media is stepping up its anti-Pakistan campaign was made evident after a U.S. newspaper posed a question, saying, “With a partner like Pakistan, who needs enemies?”, to ‘ridicule’ the country signifying intensification of an anti-Pakistan campaign in the American media, as Islamabad-Washington relations worsen.

In its commentary, The Kansas City Star said, “To speak of Pakistan as America’s partner in the war against global terrorism is both an abuse of fact and an insult to the public’s intelligence”, reports The Nation.

There you have it. Next week: a column about the growing number of jeans-wearing Pakistanis eating squirrels.


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