610 Sports fires two former Nick Wright producers for ‘younger fresher approach.’ Nick Wright tweets displeasure

610 Sports fired two of former host Nick Wright’s compadres, associate producer Jared Carter and executive producer Mark Carmen, as it introduces three new programs to replace the popular Wright, who bolted to Houston last month.

The firings may have remained under the radar had Wright not tweeted his displeasure Friday, saying, “It breaks my heart to tell you guys that in @610SportsKC infinite wisdom they have FIRED @thecarm and @JaredLCarter… That means that the funniest, quickest most versatile board-op in KC, Jared Carter, is on the street… And it means Mark Carman, the best reporter and pre/post host 610 has EVER had, is out of a job… what a damn shame.”

He called 610 “cowardly.”

Greg Hall has great insight into the moves, which were followed by a 610 press release:

“610 Sports Radio, in their continuing commitment to bringing a younger fresher approach to sports radio, announced today they are unveiling a new afternoon show. Starting Monday, June 11, 610Sports Radio will debut The Big Show, hosted by Josh Vernier, Jayice Pearson and Jay Binkley.”

Curtis Kitchen, himself a renaissance man of sorts, write that it’s just another incident in the merry-go-round of radio:

It’s just… it seems we revisit this old conversation from time to time, as new names change, and do so enough that I’ve concluded it really isn’t possible to describe to the public how volatile, turbulent and unfair the professional media industry is to those who choose it.

No other field is like it in the entire world, and I say that as someone who has earned a check doing everything from pizza delivery, landscaping, preschool teaching, retail, food serving, public relations, roofing, newspaper, and radio.

More often in media than other professions, snap employment decisions are made based on politics, nepotism, and personal relationships rather than performance. In fact, many times, performance isn’t even part of the conversation. Neither is longevity.


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