Rob Curley heads to Orange County Register

Internet news nerd Rob Curley, who cut his teeth in Lawrence and Topeka, is the Orange County Register’s new chief content officer, according to Romenesko. Curley recently left the Las Vegas Sun, where he was president and executive editor of Greenspun Interactive.

There was some speculation that the Emporia State grad would return to Kansas. When he left the Sun last month, publisher Brian Greenspun wrote in a memo, “When Rob Curley came here nearly four years ago, he explained to me that his goal eventually was to return to the Midwest. Essentially we had him on loan until the call of the plains became too great.

“Well, we’ve had him longer than we expected, but now the day has arrived when the Midwest beckons. Rob has decided he has done what he can here and it is time for him to move on. He’s focusing his efforts on getting back home or, at least, closer to home.”

On Curley’s personal Facebook page, he hinted at a return to Oz. But that’s not the case.

Instead he heads to the world of Disneyland, where he’ll “to help strengthen our journalism and deepen the relationship with our community,” according to Register editor Ken Brusic.

The Register has been working on that already, deploying massive resources for “news mob” coverage of the Angels home opener against the Royals, and this week’s coverage of Disneyland. More than 90 employees (journalists and staff) helped.


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