Brian Williams recounts how going broke in Pittsburg led to his big break

MediaBistro’s “My Big Break” YouTube series asks prominent journalists about the story that got them to where they are. The series’ initial episode, released back in February, features NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who discusses his how his big break originated from his failures at KOAM in Pittsburg, where he made $168 a week.

After 13 months at KOAM, Williams says he started looking for gigs elsewhere in the area. But he was “laughed out” of stations in Wichita, Topeka, Tulsa (and presumably Kansas City).

It was “a failed experiment,” Williams said.

Penniless, he left for Washington, where he was certain he could find a job – but doubtful it would be on the air. He was hired as a weekend chyron operator at WWTG in Washington. By a stroke of luck or a twist of fate he was put back on the air as a reporter. And it seems to have worked out well for him.


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