‘Fit to Print,’ film on newspaper crisis, seeks funding

The filmmakers of “Fit to Print,” a documentary on the crisis facing newspapers and reporters, is closing in on its $10,000 goal for post-production and securing rights to stock footage and images.

The filmmakers are using Passerby, a Kickstarter cousin, to raise money.

The trailer, below, features coverage of newspaper layoffs, including those at The Star.

Here’s the synopsis:

Through interviews with former executives at the leading newspaper companies, we illustrate a change in business practices, beginning in the 1960s. Newspapers became less a public service than a business enterprise designed to please stockholders. Unfortunately, newspaper companies historically neglected investment in new technologies and expanded classified advertising online despite direct proposals from major internet search engine companies and advertising entrepreneurs. They missed their opportunity and have cut their staffs to compensate for the monetary losses.

We give those laid off staffers a voice in this film. We interview reporters, editors and photographers who are only a few of the over 15,000 newspaper layoffs since 2008. They get a chance to tell the public their stories. In addition, we follow several laid off-investigative reporters as they gallantly attempt to publicize important watchdog stories. These stories are emblematic of the crisis that is currently facing the newspaper industry.


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