Young Star reporters detail life of JoCo drug kingpin #kcmuckreads

Ian Cummings and Chris Hong’s massive story on the life and times of Alejandro Corredor, formerly of Fairway and currently on his way to a federal prison, is a fascinating read based on court documents and testimony, and interviews with Corredor’s ex-wife, former neighbors and more. The story details how the Colombian national manipulated the drug trade from his Fairway home, fooling family and neighbors, financing a hip-hop group, and organizing the murder of a rival.

It was on Fontana Street that he reached the height of his career as the head of a drug trafficking ring with close ties to the Sinaloa drug cartel of Mexico, according to court documents, testimony and dozens of interviews. During his years here, the 37-year-old Colombian national made more than $5 million selling cocaine and marijuana.

And when he was sentenced to federal prison last month, the judge took into special account one of the orders Corredor was willing to carry out for the cartel: Arranging a murder.

The story, which was in today’s 913 magazine, clocks in at 4,065 words (The Star’s story on Corredor’s sentening was three grafs.)

Corredor was sentenced last month to 30 years in federal prison for his role in Operation Blockbuster.

Cummings, a Star intern, is editor of the University Daily Kansan. Hong recently graduated from KU, and is currently an intern at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He was an intern with the Lawrence Journal-World during the last school year.


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