Posnanski in Paterno promo video: ‘I hope to write the truth’

Former Star sports scribe Joe Posnanski is writing a book about disgraced former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. Initially the book was going to be a tribute to one of the greatest college football coaches of all time. Now, there’s a cloud hanging over Paterno. And Posnanski, who was approached by the Paterno family to write the book, has to face the harsh new reality of Paterno’s failures in the Jerry Sandusky scandal

“What I hope to do is write the most complete, most thorough, but really more than anything, most truthful account of what Joe Paterno was all about,” Posnanski says in a YouTube video posted by Simon & Schuster in April. The book is due out in August, after initially being scheduled for a Father’s Day release.

Sports blogger Ed Sherman calls the video, titled “The Legacy of Joe Paterno,” “terribly outdated.”

Yet I wonder how people will accept Posnanski’s version of the truth? Consider the following statement on the video:

He was a fascinating, deep, not flawless, but generally decent person who tried to do a lot in his life…To me, the one thing Joe Paterno stood for was making an impact. An impact in people’s lives, an impact on community, an impact on a college. That’s what is most significant about him.

From listening to Posnanski’s interview, it certainly appears as if the book will have a somewhat sympathetic tone towards Paterno. He spent considerable time with the coach and was there with the family when he died in January. Definitely bonds were formed.

Deadspin reports that Sports Illustrated, the magazine that poached Poz from The Star, which he left to write the book, passed on an opportunity to print an excerpt of the book. GQ, however, will run an excerpt.


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