KMBC, KCWE back on Time Warner

KMBC, KCWE and other Hearst stations on back on Time Warner cable after coming to a long-term agreement, the station reports:

The companies reached a long-term transmission deal and announced it Thursday evening, bringing the stations back to the air on their normal places on the dial.

“We appreciate the support and patience of our viewers, advertisers and local communities served by our stations, and we regret the inconvenience they’ve experienced over the past 10 days,” said Hearst Television President & CEO David Barrett in a statement. “This process has been an important step to insure the ongoing vitality of our local TV service in communities across the country.”

Time Warner booted KMBC and other Hearst-owned stations after Hearst demanded a 300 percent increase in fees. KMBC, KC’s ABC affiliate, was one of 13 Hearst stations in the country to be taken off Time Warner’s cable package.
KMBC has posted a video on its site, telling people it’s back on Time Warner. The video is evidently from WESH-TV, an NBC affiliate in Orlando. (It’s gone now, at 10:09)


So tweets reporter Cliff Judy.



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