Posnanski publisher limits his appearances as Paterno vitriol swirls

The New York Times reports Simon & Schuster, publisher of former Star scribe Joe Posnanski’s upcoming biography “Paterno,” is limiting his media interviews and has scaled back a planned book tour lest people think he is a “stand in” for the disgraced college football coach. He is due to appear at Rainy Day Books in Fairway in September.

Head publisher Jonathan Karp says Posnanski, who defended Paterno as a good man shortly after his death in January shouldn’t bear the brunt of the public’s disgust with the coach.

“I will say this — I think there has been a lot online about this book,” Mr. Karp said. “And I’m amazed by some of the vitriol with regard to Joe Posnanski, who is a truly gifted writer. People can pass all the judgment they want about Joe Paterno, but Joe Posnanski deserves a chance to be read.”

The Times spoke with Rainy Day Books’ Vivien Jenkins, who says the planned Posnanski appearance is still on:

In town for the All-Star Game this month, Mr. Posnanski stopped at the bookstore to say hello, Ms. Jennings said.

“I asked him, ‘We’re good for your signing, right?’ ” she recalled. “And he said, ‘Absolutely. This is a balanced biography.’ ”


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