KCTV posts tape-delayed Olympics results on Facebook; angry comments follow

This afternoon KCTV’s Facebook feed told the world that American swimmer Ryan Lochte beat Michael Phelps in the 400-meter freestyle. It was a much anticipated race that NBC promoted during the Opening Ceremonies last night. Thing is, the race was tape delayed in the U.S. so it would air in primetime.

“Well that report just ruined the anticipation of seeing the event tonight…..booooo,” wrote one woman.

“How about adding Spoiler Alert before you make thses posts. Im working and was planning on watching when I got home. Thanks for ruining it….,” said another. And so on and so forth.

KCTV jumped in to alleviate the anger, saying, “Our apologies for posting these results. If anybody who doesn’t have cable wants to keep up-to-date on Olympics results, we’ll have stories posted on KCTV5.com throughout.”

One thing is clear: Social media has ruined the Olympics.

(Note this post, written Saturday afternoon, has been held to publish after the race. You’re welcome.)


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