Man accused of breaking into WIBW, stabbing staffers to stand trail

Ray Miles, who was captured on video breaking into Topeka’s WIBW-TV and stabbing four staff members, will stand trial, the station reported today. He’s been charged with two counts of battery, criminal threat, criminal damage, aggravated battery with great bodily harm and aggravated burglary after smashing through the station’s glass doors May 23.

WIBW’s chief engineer Cary Lahnum testified he is suffering from a detached retina and deteriorating vision after Miles kicked him in the eye. …

Linda Janes, the station’s receptionist, first took the witness stand, testifying that he threated Jon Janes, saying “You’ll do this story one way or another.” He came back a second time within minutes of being turned away and broke through the front locked foyer by smashing a lamp through the glass door. …

Jon Janes said he was alerted to the break-in and came out of a conference room. Janes said Miles saw him, said “You refused to do my story,” and hit Janes on the left chest. His head banged against the wall, Janes said, and he fell flat. Several other employees that followed tried to subdue Miles.

A Topeka detective testified Miles, who was upset the station wouldn’t run a story about him, said his intention was to stab employees.


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