Tony Botello offers apology, retraction for stories about union boss Louie Wright

Outspoken blogger Tony Botello has apparently settled a defamation lawsuit filed against him by Louie Wright, former president of Local 42 of the International Association of Fire Fighters, the Pitch reports.

The lawsuit referenced several posts where Botello alleged readers told him Wright took bribes.

Botello apologized for the posts and removed them from his blog, writing:

TKC acknowledges that the claims were not verified and that such claims should be viewed as baseless.

TKC agrees with, recognizes, respects and acknowledges Mr. Wright’s assertion that he has never profited from any charity work for the United Way or any other charitable or not for profit organization, with which he is or has been affiliated.

The Star reports court filings indicate Botello did not admit he was liable for the posts, but agreed to settle “to avoid the cost of further legal proceedings.”


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