Whitlock calls Posnanski’s ‘Paterno’ shallow, questions ‘authenticity’ of the work

Joe Posnanski can finally take Jason Whitlock off his Christmas Card list. Whitlock, now bloviating for Fox Sports, posted a review of Posnanski’s much-anticipated-if-only-to-see-how-he-deals-with-the-Sandusky-situation book about Joe Paterno, saying “puddles are deeper.”

Whitlock questions the access Posnanski actually had, questions the reporting, questions his knowledge of Paterno and his writing ability.

One thing is obvious after reading “Paterno,” the much-anticipated biography chronicling disgraced Penn State coach Joe Paterno: The biographer doesn’t know his subject.

This explains Joe Posnanski’s reluctance to express an opinion about the deceased football coach he allegedly spent nearly two years getting to know intimately. In the few interviews Posnanski, the book’s biographer, has consented to, the celebrated sportswriter has ducked characterizing his thoughts on Paterno by saying he wants readers to make up their own minds regarding Paterno and his legacy.

The Sherman Report, erm, reports that Whitlock swears he doesn’t have it out for JoePo in a podast. (But that he kind of does)

I don’t dislike Joe Posnanski…I recommended that he get hired in Kansas City. Once I got an up-close and personal view of what Posnanski did in Kansas City, I had some doubts about the authenticity (of his work).

If you read Posnanski’s work close up–if you’re not some contest judge who only reads the work once a year–(he) reads differently….I see (the book) as loyalty to a paycheck. I see it as par for the course. Standard operating procedure. The promise of information, insight, access that just isn’t there under closer examination.



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