#kuboobs is back

Fresh off reporting on the new toilet paper on campus (with gem quotes like this:“I was always worried about getting turd on my hand because it would break.”), the young Sinclairs at the University Daily Kansan are writing about the phenomenon that took Kansas City media by storm last spring: #kuboobs, the Twitter meme where classy Jayhawk ladies show their cleavage.

“For Becky Allen, a sophomore from Topeka, there’s no tailgating or attending University home football games.

She works every home game at Memorial Stadium instead. Allen has found other ways to celebrate the football team — with her boobs.”

KUBoobs also, somehow, raises awareness of breast cancer.

The Kansan story quotes the owners of the KUBoobs Facebook page, people named Kevin and DJ Soap.

“(Kevin) is a former University student who asked to only be identified by Kevin because he wants the account to stand on its own.”

No word on if the reporter and Kevin met in an underground garage to discuss the details of this story.


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