10 years ago William Ligue, Jr., and his son beat up Royals coach Tom Gamboa

On an unrelated note…

I lived in Chicago for nearly eight years, and most people I meet suspect I have a huge disdain for the White Sox because of my dual afflictions of being a Cubs fan and a Royals fan. That’s part of it for sure, but it’s also because of an incident that happened 10 short years ago.

The Royals were at the plate when a pair of shirtless goons – father and son tandem William Ligue, Jr., and the III (aged 34 and 15 at the time) – jumped out of the stands and attacked first-base coach Tom Gamboa, repeatedly kicking and hitting him, damaging his hearing. Sadly, the Internet seems to have no videos of this awful incident.

After the unprovoked attack, Gamboa said, “I felt like a football team had hit me from behind. Next thing I knew, I’m on the ground trying to defend myself.”

“He got what he deserved,” the elder Ligue reportedly said. Ligue got probation, and has had run-ins with the law ever since.

A few years ago, Deadspin tracked down Ligue the Younger, who seemed to be really pulling his life together.

Chicagoist has a good run-down of the history.


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