UPDATED Official tally: KC television stations take home big awards at Mid-America Emmys

The Mid-America Emmy gala was held in Kansas City for the first time last night, and area TV stations performed well. Here’s who they did, as best I can tell from Twitter (props to Kris Ketz for live-tweeting up a storm). KSHB led all local stations with six winners.

  • Silver Circle: KMBC’s Kris Ketz and KSHB’s Cynthia Newsome (as well as Terry Shopshaw from KHBS/KHOG in Rogers, Ark., and Mike Burns from KSDK in St. Louis). This award honors professionals with at least 25 years in the business.
  • Health and science feature segment: Ryan Kath, KSHB: “Nurses Under Attack” (tie with WQAD)
  • Religion story: Tess Koppelman, Jon Haiduk, WDAF: “Devil Inside”
  • Human interest (segment/feature): Robert Low, WDAF: “Girl Shot in the Head”
  • Investigative reporting: Ryan Kath, Andy Pollard, Melissa Greenstein, Michael Butler, KSHB: “Questionable Contract”
  • Business/consumer: Ryan Kath, Michael Butler, KSHB: “Deceptive Nonprofit?”
  • Politics/government feature segment: Ryan Kath, Andy Pollard, KSHB: “Flying Under the Radar”
  • General assignment reporting (within 24 hours): Rob Low, Jon Haiduk, WDAF: “Car Into Attic” (tie with KSDK)
  • General assignment (no time limit): Ryan Kath, Andy Pollard, KSHB: “River Road Trip”
  • Specialty report: Cliff Judy, Taka Yokoyama, KMBC: “Stories from Joplin”
  • On-camera talent/sports: Mick Shaffer, MetroSports
  • Morning newscast: Jason Bent, Katina McCoy, Cliff Judy, Taka Yokoyama, KMBC (tied with KTVI in St. Louis)
  • Evening newscast: Marlene Cross, KBMC
  • Weekend newscast: Randy Parrott, Elizabeth Pepperdine, WDAF
  • News excellence: (tie) Sherrie Brown, KMBC; Blaise Labbe, KCTV
  • Sports, single story: Tim Twyman, KMBC: “Holy Rollers”
  • Sports, news feature or program feature: Erik Ashel, MetroSports: “Chip Sherman”
  • Informational/instructional program: Elyna Niles-Carnes, Brett Anthony, George Waldenberger, Gary Lezak, Jeff Penner, KSHB: “Surviving the Storm”
  • Special event coverage: Angee Simmons, Mark Stamm, Randy Mason, KCPT: “Celebration at the Station”
  • Public service announcement: Angee Simmons, Jim Button, KCPT: “Little Green Steps”
  • News promo campaign image: Tye Murphy, Brian Boye, Maria Robison, KCTV: “Morning Rhythm”
  • Editor, news: Tim Twyman, KMBC
  • Editor, sports: Erik Ashel, MetroSports
  • Photographer, sports (single camera): Erik Ashel, MetroSports

So here’s the tally:  KSHB (6); KMBC (6); WDAF (4); Metro Sports (4); KCTV (3); KCPT (2)

The Chiefs production team also won six awards, and KU won one, as well.


See all the winners in the press release:

2012 09 22 Emmy Award Winners FINAL[1]

In other news,Twitter tells me KSHB’s Ryan Kath took home five Emmys.

Russ Ptacek was there.

via @krisketz

The Emmys via Storify:
[View the story “Kansas City stations clean up at Mid-American Emmy gala” on Storify]


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