KC Star’s Redskins ban inspires search for new name

My post last week about The Star’s policy of not using the word “Redskins” when referring to Washington’s NFL team (in most cases) made the rounds of the interwebs (here and here, mainly), destroying all traffic records here at MediaKC HQ. (I’m not taking it too hard that everyone’s latching onto Eric Zorn’s research, though we came to the same conclusions. Zorn!)

Now the Washington City Paper, DC’s alt-weekly, is leading the charge to find a new nickname for the Redskins:

We at Washington City Paper agree that the nickname ought to go. Yes, we realize opinion is split among Native Americans over the issue. But we have a hard time imagining a world where a modern pro sports team called itself, say, the Washington Kikes (to choose an example that picks on my own heritage), even if some Jewish fans didn’t mind. Still, the solution the Star has found seems less than perfect—they drop the nickname altogether and just refer to the team as “Washington.” Sports teams have names; we just wish this team had a different one. Besides, referring to “Washington” winning or losing might leave readers wondering which Washington team we mean—the Nationals? The Wizards? The Caps? And sadly, there are quite a few District residents who root for a different team altogether.

So instead, we’re holding a contest to pick a new City Paper-approved nickname for the local NFL crew. Submit a new nickname below, and our designers Jandos Rothstein and Carey Jordan will come up with new burgundy-and-gold logos for the ones we like best. Once we’ve settled on a new name, we’ll use it in City Paper in lieu of the old one, and everyone will know who we mean—because it’ll be the name you helped pick.

So what would change the name to? Leave your ideas in the comments, and let the City Paper folks know.

Here are a few ideas:

The Gridlock

The Interns

The Joint Chiefs

The Supremes

The Washingtons

The Diplomats

The Ben’s Chili Bowls


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