RIP, Jerry Heaster

Jerry Heaster, a former business editor of The Star, who spent 27 years with the paper, has died. He was 74, and worked at The Star from 1979 to 2006.

The Star’s obit reads:

Heaster’s career, which led from Japan to Ohio to Kansas City, was capped in 2006 when he received the President’s Award from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers for his service to the profession.

“We have lost a great journalist and a wonderful friend,” said Steve Shirk, managing editor of The Star. “He loved his dialogue with readers and never let them down. His 5,000 columns are proof of that.”

A staunch believer in the free market, Heaster won legions of fans, as well as critics, for his conservative columns. Heaster himself disdained the label, saying that was far too simplistic.

Friends and family knew him as a good-humored, gracious and decent man who boot-strapped himself up from a hardscrabble West Virginia background. The Wall Street Journal was his daily bible, and he carefully clipped and kept a library of articles, including his own work, as reference for his prodigious output.


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