KC Star circulation drops by 7% on weekdays, 11% on Sundays

The latest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation show a dramatic drop for the area’s largest newspaper.

The Kansas City Star reported an overall circulation of 183,307 (M-F), and 275,784 for Sundays. That’s a precipitous drop from the figures reported in March, which showed a weekday circulation of 200,365 and a Sunday circulation of 310,487. A year ago, The Star reported a weekday circulation of 199,222 and a Sunday circulation of 300,450. That’s an 8 percent drop in Sunday circulation from a year ago, and an 11 percent drop from six months ago, which saw a dramatic jump in Sunday circulation.

In September 2010, The Star a Sunday circulation of 290,302 and a weekday circulation of 206,441.

E-editions of The Star contribute to its circulation numbers. Sunday e-edition circulation is 23,730; weekday is 26,660. But that’s also a drop from the March figures, which reported 35,207 edition subscribers on Sundays and 35,725 on weekdays.



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