Jim Fitzpatrick’s first post since May (welcome back!) gives some insight into how The Star’s big circulation drop might affect ad rates.

JimmyCsays: At the juncture of journalism and daily life in KC

There’s nothing like bad news in the newspaper business to make a semi-retired blogger forgo golf on a beautiful Thursday in Kansas City.

But this is really big and unpleasant news for The Kansas City Star.

(I hate to be ghoulish, especially the day after Halloween, but, as you know, it’s still the bad news — arson convictions, super storms and the like — that prompts some of us to jump out of bed every morning.)

On Tuesday, the Audit Bureau of Circulations came out with its circulation numbers for the period from March 1 to Sept. 30.  The numbers show that, over the last year, The Star has lost at least 8 percent of its subscribers in the three major circulation categories — Sunday, Monday-Friday, and Saturday.

To me, that is a breathtaking loss, even in these days of a relentless circulation retreat for major metropolitan dailies throughout the country.

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