More layoffs at KC Star

Kansas City Star publisher Mi-Ai Parrish announced in a memo to staffers today another round of layoffs, the third since she took the helm in the summer of 2011. Just how many people are losing their jobs, and who those people are, is unknown at the moment.

The Star was hit by layoffs in February and September, and the paper announced plans to institute more furlough days in July.

Memo To: Co-Workers

RE: Reduction in Force

As we continue to be challenged by uncertain economic news, I have decided to restructure and realign some pieces of the business, eliminating several positions, as well as some open positions.

The employees affected by the reductions have been notified.

Job eliminations are a tough reality, and they are a difficult step.  As we continue to restructure and strategically reinvent our operation for our future, you efforts are vital.  Please ask me or any member of the senior team if you have questions.

Mi-Ai Parrish 

(via BLC)

Hearne Christopher writes that Star librarian Eric Winkler is among those losing their jobs.



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  4. dreambig

    I agree with many of the previous comments. I would like to add that McClatchy practice to eliminate jobs are unethical and unfair. The Publisher mentioned in her response, “employee with the least tenure will be included in the reduction”….this is very interesting when a person with less tenure was saved by placing him in a different group. A job posting was created but then closed immediately!!!! Not giving others an opportunity to apply for the position. Why? Politics. This job was created for “This Person” who should have received the severence package due to his tenure with the company. This company continues to take and take from its employees without giving anything back. When will enough be enough!!!

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